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Hiya, we have new apartments filled with happiness and joyful colors.

Welcome to Ahoj, Vanguard. Ahoj, Vanguard is a residential project that offers a true joy of living. A project where we made sure that public areas are equally as appealing as individual dwellings. A place where it is a delight to meet your neighbors.

In Ahoj, Vanguard, a veritable oasis is being created thanks to an ingenious concept, high-quality materials, playful colors, and ample greenery. The project is situated in Prague's Modřany district, a neighborhood with an enormous potential as a pleasant, dynamically developing part of the Czech capital that offers the lazily flowing river Vltava, a golf course with a view of the Vyšehrad fortress, a popular bicycle path, and everything in between.

About the Project

Apartment Tailored to Your Needs

Ahoj, Vanguard offers apartments sized from studio (1+kk) to three bedrooms (4+kk). Features include sliding French windows in every unit, spacious front gardens, generous balconies with tempered glass railing, and a rooftop terrace.

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Discover Modřany – Prague's district with a great potential. The place where the Vanguard residential project and its amenities are being built. Thanks to that, Modřany is predestined to become a sought-after locality for living and an apartment in Ahoj, Vanguard an excellent investment.

Price List

  • 0 94 apartments
  • 0 220 parking spaces
  • 0 1913 sq. m. of private front gardens, terraces, and balconies
  • 0 1962 sq. m. of public gardens

Place Where People Meet

Modřany is a unique borough in the context of Prague's cityscape. It harmoniously incorporates the original architecture of small 1930s villas and industrial buildings, which have been converted into unique complexes with generously sized green areas. Modřany is one of the greenest neighborhoods in the Czech capital. Likewise, the vicinity of Ahoj, Vanguard offers plentiful amenities, kindergartens, schools, entertainment venues, sports facilities, and restaurants.


Best Neighbor

The Vanguard Loft building is being constructed in close proximity to the Ahoj, Vanguard complex. Vanguard Loft is exceptional not only by its architectural design, but also thanks to the amenities the two projects will be sharing, including a wellness complex with a pool, sauna, and a fully equipped fitness center.

The synergies offered by the two projects offer residents unlimited opportunities for enjoyment that will be further enhanced by a tunnel that connecting the properties.

Discover Vanguard

Ahoj. See you again soon.

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