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Good Neighborhood

Prague's Modřany district is a neighborhood with an enormous potential. Modřany is a pleasant, fast-growing district, located only a few minutes from both downtown Prague and the city bounds. However, there is no reason to leave Modřany. You can delight in watching the lazily flowing Vltava, avail yourself of the local golf course, the view of Vyšehrad, or go for a ride on the local highly popular bike path. Modřany is a unique borough in the context of Prague's cityscape. It harmoniously combines the original architecture of small 1930s villas and industrial buildings, which have been converted into unique housing complexes with generously sized green areas.

Greenest of All

Modřany is one of the greenest neighborhoods in the Czech capital. The rear section of the Ahoj, Vanguard project is directly adjacent to the Belárie Forest. Not surprisingly, Belárie, a word of Latin origin, is translated as "beautiful air". Belárie is close to the Archbishop's Vineyard, whose former glory is now being restored, as evidenced by the vineyard's inclusion on the list of wine-growing communes and wine estates. In the opposite direction, the Ahoj, Vanguard project adjoins the large Hodkovičky wooded park.

Always Something to Do

Not in the mood to travel to city center today? There is no need. The neighborhood in which Ahoj, Vanguard is located offers an abundance of various amenities.

Within a walking distance, there is a nine-hole golf course, a mini golf course, a foot golf course, a rope course, tennis courts, and a badminton arena. Everybody knows the Modřany Bikeway, one of the most popular bike paths in Prague. We strongly suggest riding as far as Modřany Laguna, the most charming place along the way.

Culture and entertainment are an integral part of life in Modřany. The district is home to the Na Cikorce Theater, and there is the nearby Bravo Theater. Movie lovers will appreciate the unforgettable atmosphere of the Modřany Biograf cinema.

Bon Appétit

When was the last time you had breakfast or late lunch on the bank of Vltava? The river is a stone's throw away from the Ahoj, Vanguard complex. By the riverside, you will find Rosmarina – an amazing venue that combines a restaurant, a streetfood bistro, a takeout stand, and a terrace. Another restaurant, Cuga, is part of the Hodkovičky Golf Course. The former Modřany Sugar Refinery is the home of Cukrkandl (Sugar Candy), a hidden jewel that offers a bar, café, and amazing space for families with children as well as everyone else. On top of that, organic food lovers can take advantage of seasonal farmers' markets regularly held in Sofijské náměstí.

Everything Nearby

Modřany is a highly convenient transport hub. The Jižní Spojka city bypass and the Barrandov Bridge are no more than three minutes away. That translates into no traffic jams on your way out of town. Conversely, a trip to downtown Prague takes less than 15 minutes behind the wheel.

No need to run after the bus either, as there is a stop right in front of the building. The bus will take you to Smíchovské Nádraží, a hub that provides multiple transport connections. During the rush hour, a bus comes every six minutes! Alternatively, five minutes of a brisk walk will take you to a nearby streetcar stop. You missed the tram? Never mind. There are as many as four lines, including a night tram. The trip to downtown Prague takes about 10 minutes. Say goodbye to driving your kids to school and afternoon activities.

Two minutes to the Chuchle district. Impossible by car or bike, an easy task thanks to a ferry that runs every 20 minutes. It will allow you to discover the charms of the opposite side of Vltava. Why not treat the family to an afternoon at the Chuchle Horse Racetrack after Sunday lunch?

  • 2 minutes to Chuchle
  • 3 minutes to Barrandov Bridge
  • 10 minutes to the city center
  • 20 minutes to the Main Railway Station

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